Summer 2018

After the heatwave, the end of the Summer and most of Autumn was accompanied by some quite heavy spells of rain, which have finally started to turn our parched land green again and even more importantly, is starting to refill the reservoirs. Some  events suffered slightly, Stonyhurst was rather washed up in August and a couple of local affairs had somewhat depleted attendance, possibly also due to it being the holiday season. However, Hoghton Tower held its first proper car show for a couple of years in early September, and this was a great success with a hot sunny day and a good turnout of diverse cars of all ages, although again the 1960’s and 70’s stuff is on the up, and fewer pre-war cars were to be seen.  The Tower itself is a picturesque  late medieval pele tower,  although what you see is a largely 16th Century fortified manor, and it sits on top of a hill with views for miles in all directions.

Northern Section again put together and manned  the TOC stand at the Manchester Classic Car Show in mid September. There is a brief report coming, but thanks in the meantime to those who provided cars and helped out. I had a long chat with the 2CVGB chairman, whose club had the adjoining stand, and we decided that it would be good to have a joint stand this time next year to celebrate the Citroën 100th Anniversary. Details in due course.

November 2017 – the last of the Hoghton Towers breakfast meets was very sparsely attended, albeit with two Tractions – Ian Gardner’s and Bryan Pullen’s. The day was cold and dry with a rather biting wind and we were invited into the shelter of the inner bailey, which helped a little.

September – the Northern Section once again hosted the stand at the Manchester Classic Car Show in September. It was very enjoyable , quite busy, and a few of you came over and introduced yourselves.  We had four cars, albeit when we got there, we realised that we could probably have fitted five comfortably.
Unfortunately Mike McDonald’s car did not make it, having shed a tooth or two from its crown wheel during August, and our attempt at a repair was frustrated by the apparent unavailability of a diaphragm clutch kit, either from Club spares or any of the mainstream European suppliers. Mike is still waiting for one to become available and so his car sits forlorn with an empty engine bay, awaiting the parts.