Over the months a trickle of new members have been arriving in the area so in a fit of enthusiasm the Kent & East Sussex set out for the autumn with the goal of beating its (modest) record for the number of Tractions it could get together for a meet. A date in early September was duly set for a meet at Poacher & Partridge pub at Tudely in the Medway valley near Tonbridge. Its little church has exquisite stained-glass windows by the French artist Marc Chagall. To begin with it was looking as though we were going to shatter the record by a margin of no less than fifty percent when six Tractions were booked in. As it was there were two last minute drop outs so we could only equal the previous best. But we did not slip. Most hearteningly the contingent was split between old lags, John Barsley and Adrian Phillips (only by the standards of Kent & East Sussex) and two recent Tractionists and TOC members, David Wise and Adam Gilbert. The conversation made up in quality anything it might have lacked in quantity. We were made especially welcome by Stacey at the Poacher & Partridge whose rather serious looking motorbike evidenced a proper interest in powered mobility. She did not have any cones to reserve us space for the Tractions so she got the staff of the evening shift to park their cars in glorious confusion across the grid row of the car park, blocking the space until we arrive. Thanks again, Stacey. Fired with confidence that there was life in Tractionism in Kent & East Sussex we decided that the next step should be a lunch at Christmas. So watch your inboxes for the date!